Easy Ways To Promote Your Book


Publishing your first book is an incredibly exciting time. You probably took months or even years to write your masterpiece. You poured over it for hours, making sure that each sentence was perfect. Finally, it was time to publish your book and make it available to readers. There’s just one problem: readers can not buy your book until they hear about it. Marketing is an incredibly important part of publishing a book. Whether you chose to publish through a publishing company or you opted to self-publish your novel, there are several ways that you can get the word out about your book.

book-reviewFirst off, consider giving away review copies of your book. While no one likes to give away their books for free, getting reviews is an essential part of becoming a successful writer. You can find reviewers through book blogs, on message boards, and even on social media sites. You will provide a copy of your book and the reviewer will read it. One he’s finished, he’ll post his thoughts on his blog or on a commercial website where shoppers can see it. Reviews are especially effective when posted on store websites since many shoppers are cautious about buying items that don’t have reviews.

Another way you can promote your book is to post about it on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. While it’s important not to spam your readers and friends constantly, you may find that posting about your book offers readers the chance to check it out. Make sure that you take advantage of hash tags if you use social media to promote your book. For example, if you’ve published a book about zombies, you could write “Want to #read a new #horror novel? Check out this new eBook for only $2.99.” Always include a link in your posts so that readers know where to buy your book.

If you have your own blog, you’ll want to talk about your book on a semi-regular basis. When you first publish your book, make sure that you share the cover image, links to online stores where readers can buy your book, and a blurb about your work. You might even want to include an excerpt or snippets from reviews. Remember that your readers won’t necessarily hear about your story until you tell them. Again, it’s never a good idea to spam people with constant updates, but you should let them know about your book so that they can check it out.


Finally, some writers choose to hire marketing companies. This can be a worthwhile investment if you simply don’t have the time to market your own book. Book promotion can be incredibly time consuming, so finding people who are willing to put in the hours of promoting might be worth the money. Note that it’s important to create and stick to a budget when it comes to marketing your work. While a marketing firm might be expensive, you should still avoid going into debt to promote your book.


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