How To Be Productive


If really want to do something, you will find time, but if you deeply don’t want, even knowing that it is necessary, you will find some excuse.

How passionate are you about the things you really want to do? Have you ever thought about this question? It is simple, but very important question when we reflect how to achieve our goals and ambitions.

“Without passion you don’t have energy, without energy you have nothing.” Donald Trump

If we could go deep inside of the great entrepreneurs, innovators, athletes or high celebrities mind we will find for sure a delusional quality that all successful people have, that absolutely desperate focus on the productivity of their career or business.

Probably a question came to your mind now, how to be productive? I am going to give you some tips have been working pretty well with me for the last years.

First: Keep High Ambitions

Ambitions keep us motivated and motivations plus productivity is the way for the success. When your ambition goes down and stay in a flat line, your motivation and energy decay bringing your productivity to the low level.

“Big results require big ambitions.” Heraclitus

Second: Move The Key Pieces

The first step is to identify the most important things. Always focus on it and keep yourself away from the rest. This phase really challenges us and without management,  stress will come. Your time is limited. Do not waste time.
Choose the top 5 that will give you the greatest results and will make you reach your goals faster. Most people have no idea what the key pieces in their business is. The best way to classify what it is the most important is prioritizing by the impact in the long run.

“Also, I’m always learning better and better how to prioritize and how to leave certain things for the next day.” Lisa Loeb

Third: strengths and weaknesses

All of us have strengths and weaknesses, but I am sure that when you think about your dreams, you just think about your strengths. The weaknesses never is important but,  it is time to change this thought. Both are part of you and we need to learn how to deal optimize our qualities and overcome the vulnerability.

“Try to look at your weakness and convert it into your strength. That’s success.” Zig Ziglar

As you can see, to succeed in life must of us need new attitudes. The secret of the most successful people is passion, ambition, a plan and focus.


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